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About Us

About Alcor

Established in 1999, Alcor Micro Corporation is a Taiwan based, fabless IC Design Company with an engineering team origin from Santa Clara, heart of Silicon Valley. Alcor specializes in designs, develops, and marketing highly integrated semiconductors as well software solutions for personal computer peripheral and consumer electronics. Innovative technology solutions are the core of what Alcor Micro offers to our customers. With our continuously growing top tier customer list, high volume output & technology requirement, we achieve a high degree of partnership with major semiconductor foundries worldwide.

Alcor Micro was the first company that bring an ultra-low cost USB Hub controller  to the PC market and deliver single chip USB keyboard & hub solution in 1999, which was design in Apple iMac computer(the world’s first ‘USB only’ PC). Alcor is one of the leaders in low cost, single chip USB solutions as well other applications. As our continued efforts to better serve our customers, Alcor recently rearranged organization into four business units and strategically focus on 2 major product lines:

Storage Device Controllers:

Provides mobile device, data link, USB flash disk, SSD storage controllers.

Input & Output devices and Multi Media:

Provides Human interface I/O solutions, such as flash media reader, USB hub, camera and other multimedia related controllers. Carry 11+ years’ experience of delivering low cost, integrated IO solutions, Alcor certainly will provide our customers with innovative products at a very competitive price.


Our products are certified and qualified by top tier companies & organizations worldwide, such as WHQL, USB-IF, & ISO9001 certifications.. etc. We also offer RoHS & Halogen-free products, and focus on power saving, “green” solutions from the beginning of the design. Alcor has a well-established reputation of delivering high quality, reliable and most compliant product lines in the industries.

Over the years, Alcor has grown to more than 400 employees domestically and worldwide, expands our support to ‎consumer electronics and handheld devices. In order to make the organization more flexible and efficient, in September 2015 , shareholders’ meeting votes to spin out “Computer peripheral”, “System on Chip” , “Flash memory card and eMMC controller business units as Alcorlink, Alcorvision and Zetta subsidiaries, the acts have completed on January 1, 2016.

The main bodies of Alcor corp. will keep focus on the flash drive USB 3.0, USB 3.1 and SSD controller development, and expand the support to new generation 3D NAND technology. Those span out subsidiaries will continue in depth develop of their product lines.

With our excellent software development capabilities, Alcor is actively towards product diversification and tighten products to the most up-to-date technology.  We commit to be an IC design house leader of delivering best performance and most cost-effective products to our customers.

Mission and Goal

Alcor mainly focuses on converting most up-to-date IO technology into innovative quality products at competitive price. We commit to deliver most highly integrated, cost effective, state of the art solution with new industrial standard to our customers.
Alcor will work closely with customers providing up to market solution and real time support to achieve time to market requirement. 

Business Strategies

At current rapid evolving technology world, Alcor commits to bring high quality, highly integrated, most cost effective and environment friendly RoHS certified green solutions to our customer. Thus bring the most benefit to customers and shareholders.

Alcor Micro Corp IPO on the Taiwan OTC market in 2004 (Taiwan Stock symbol: 8054) and kept a consistent profitability history since then.

As a leader of integrated circuit design house, Alcor watches closely to the impulse of the market, listens carefully to our customers and keep eyes intensively to the progress of new technology to make us be able to bring the most innovative & competitive products to the world.

Alcor Milestones

Mass production UFD 3.0 controller in New Fab.

Won US Library of Congress digital talking book 5 year contract (2018-2022).

Ranked 11 of Revenue in Nankang Software Park and Ranked 37 of IC design house by China Credit Information Service of TOP 5000 enterprises.

No longer includes Algoltek Corp. in the company’s consolidated financial statements.

Alcorlink Corp. IPO on Taipei Exchange (TPEx).

Ranked 31 of Average employee benefit by Taipei Exchange (TPEx).

SYNIC-Technology Co., Ltd. is included in the company’s consolidated financial statements.

Reinvests SYNIC-Technology Co., Ltd.

Won US Library of Congress digital talking book 5 year contract (2013-2017).

Sets up Algoltek Corp.

Acquires multimedia image processing products masks, IP and patent rights from ALi Corporation.

Ranked 575 (mixed ranked 1405) by China Credit Information Service of TOP 5000 service industry.

Ranked 109 of Return On Assets of Top 1000 Manufacturers by CommonWealth Magazine.

Merges Taiwan Advanced Sensors Corp.

Received ISO 9001 certification.

Awarded by Forbes as the “Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion”.

USB Smart Card Reader Controller adopted by Taiwan Government and several banks.

Established Alcor Micro Tech. (ShenZhen) Ltd.

Deliver USB 2.0 series controllers for USB NAND Flash Disk.

IPO on Taipei Exchange (TPEx), stock code: 8054.

Launch highly integrated USB2.0 all-in-one single chip card reader controller.

Launch flash memory single chip card reader controller.

Qualified by Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau as the “Product Successful Development And Possession Marketable Technology Business”.

Launch USB2.0 9-in-1 Flash Memory Card Reader Controller.

Release Smart card readers that meet EMV certification standards and CCID specifications.

IPO approved by the Securities and Futures Commission, Ministry of Finance.

Unveiled USB Mass Storage Class flash memory controller.

Release USB mouse controller with scroll wheel and optical mouse supported.

Release USB 4 ports hub controller.

Launch USB flash memory card reader controller with CF, MMC and SD card supported.

Launch single chip PC/SC USB Smart Card reader controller for WebBank, Online deal, Digital Signature, Credit Card Payment, and Safety exchange verification applications.

Launch USB keyboard HUB controller with 2 downstream ports and 8 modules.

Alcor Micro, Corp. founded in Taipei.