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About Algoltek

In October 2010, a group of semiconductor R&D and design elites from Silicon Valley and Taiwan gathered in Taiwan with enthusiasm and a common vision to create Ange Technology to build dreams. Through continuous persistence and hard work, Ange has made good use of its proud R&D expertise to delve deeply into the IP design of ultra-high-speed physical layer interfaces inside SoC system chips and the IC design of related applications. Since its establishment, Ange Technology has continued to obtain various professional certifications, patent applications, and recognition from partners in the industry chain. In addition to launching a full range of Type-C video conversion chips in 2017, Ange Technology will continue to launch the AG7210 HDMI2.0 series of products in Q4 of 2017, hoping to bring convenience and competitiveness to customers’ product design through its own innovative design.

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