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About StarRiver

StarRiver Semiconductor is an IC design service company located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It was established in 2018 and focuses on IP and SoC design services for high-speed transmission interfaces. The main team comes from senior engineers from Morningstar, MediaTek, etc., with many years of experience in the field of semiconductor analog and digital chip design. With development experience, he has been cultivating the ASIC and IP silicon intellectual property markets in recent years and has been adopted and verified by domestic and foreign design companies. In October 2023, Anguo obtained a 55% stake in StarRiver Semiconductor.

StarRiver Semiconductor’s future development directions include:

  • Continue to develop IP design for high-speed transmission SerDes interfaces.
  • Strengthening IP Silicon Intellectual Property Product Line.
  • Expand ASIC front-end and back-end design service customer base.
  • Entering into 2.5/3D high-end packaging design services and other fields.